This Hake & Seafood Cassoletet with jersey royals and wild garlic is a rich, slow-cooked dish containing cockles and mussels, originating in southern France.

Serves 4 people


1 Large Hake Fillet
100g Cockles
100g Mussels
4 Wild Garlic Leaves
2 Large Shallots
500g Jersey Royal Potatoes
1 Glass of White Wine
12 Cherry Tomatoes
¬Ĺ Bunch of Chives
Olive Oil


Start by portioning the Hake Fillet (4 large pieces)
Wash the shellfish in water (being sure to only use the ones that have not opened)
Finely chop the shallots and wild garlic leaves and saute in a large pan
Once they have started to brown add the shellfish and the white wine
As soon as the ingredients start to boil, place the hake ontop of the shellfish and cover with a lid
You then leave this to cook (simmer) for around 5 minutes
In another pan you now need to boil the Jersey Royal potatoes
Once boiled drain and garnish with a few cherry tomatoes and chopped chives

This is a very easy recipe, fresh and easy to make, in line with the approaching summer season.