ESG and Sustainability at Pendley Manor

Pendley Manor’s ESG and Sustainable practices
Towels / Linen

We actively encourage guests, in particular, long stay guests to reuse their towels and linen, reducing the energy and water used in the laundry process.
Hotel toiletries are provided in aluminium recyclable packages, and soon we are moving to refillable bottles.
Recycling Nespresso Capsules
A popular amenity throughout our hotel in function rooms, bedrooms and the restaurants. Pods are being recycled through a Nespresso Collection. Nespresso are committed to being 100% sustainable, using specialist facilities to recycle the 3 products that make up a regular Nespresso pod.
Recycling across the hotel
We make a big effort to reduce all wate material and recycle appropriately with separate bins for glass, cardboard, paper and food.
Pendley Manor glass water bottles
We own glass bottles with the Pendley logo that are internally refilled with either sparkling or still water onsite and these are used across the hotel in the conference department, restaurant, public areas and bedrooms. We do not use any plastic bottles for drinks.
Light fittings are LED with motion sensors
Food and Beverage
This is a strong focus and we buy local produce where we can and have local brewery beers and spirits featured in our bar. We offer our guests seasonal menus which enables us to shop locally and have a 50% compliance rate.
Supporters of The Rennie Grove and Hospice of St Francis
Pendley Manor is a corporate partner at both charities, and we provide reduced rates and raffle prizes to support these local charities.
Paper Use
We encourage double sided printing where possible and fully recycle all paper in our offices. We also ensure most of the invoices are sent and received digitally.
With Tring Station close by, we actively encourage our clients to travel to Tring by train and walk to the hotel.
Pendley push bikes are available to our residents and are a great way of travelling around the town locally.
Electric car charge points are due to be installed in July 2024 and we currently offer our visitors and staff the opportunity to charge their vehicles through our in-house electrical system.
Staff Support
A staff suggestion box is kept in the canteen for the team to share ideas to improve service and well-being.
Recycle batteries efficiently.
Recycle our cooking oil through a local company.
Our ink cartridges are refillable and are returned to the supplier once used.
Other Actions
We actively promote the switching off of machines and computers across all departments when they are not in use.
We have key card switches in all of our bedrooms.

We have replaced our main boiler plant to increase efficiency and reduce environmental damage (efficiency ratings taken from Trigons website):
Gross seasonal efficiency of 97.1%
Efficiency at 80/60ºC full load Net 98.2
Efficiency at 80/60°C full load Gross % 88.4
Efficiency at 50/30ºC min load Net % 109.2
Efficiency at 50/30°C min load Gross % 98.4

Bio-diversity and Tree surveys are conducted for active woodland management.

We also have accreditation from Green Tourism

Above all, it is our mission to continue to look for new energy saving incentives and implement where feasibly possible.